Author Topic: In the Beginning (A Short Story of Dreamworld)  (Read 514 times)

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In the Beginning (A Short Story of Dreamworld)
« on: January 24, 2014, 10:33:30 PM »
The first dream construct was an ark. The dreamer built it to transverse the ocean of the subconscious. She invited others, and the dreamers came two by two, since it takes two dreamers to keep a dream construct alive. They came so fast, they flooded the system - insufficient RAM.

Ark 2.0 was sturdier but more boring. It collapsed when the last but one dreamer lost interest in it. Even the dreamer had to admit that she could do much better.

Unsurprisingly Ark 3.0 was therefore more imaginative. Dreamers were encouraged to add their own RAM and their own memories to build cabins based on childhood dreams. Then the dreams came true, and for a while not enough dreamers visited the ark, having been scared off by the nightmares they had as children. The dreamer chuckled, and shook her head at the foolishness of all those grown ups who had forgotten how dangerous childhood nightmares could be.

Then she invited children to populate the ark. No grown ups allowed. Dream at your own risk in a world without rules. It got pretty wild for a while in Dreamworld.

And it got worse before it got better as the children grew up to be teens. Their dreams were dark and moody, rebellious and awkward. The dreamer did not immediately notice that, being moody and awkward herself at the time.

That's when the crush dreams began. Dream symbolism using the double meaning of the word "crush" to mean young love or being crushed by a bulldozer, and the unfortunate reality that teenage boys especially would rather be crushed by a bulldozer than to admit that their crush was more than just sexual arousal brought on by overactive hormones. A lot of hard drives had to be junked due to being overly crushed in those dreams, as well as the inexperienced insecure weight lifter dreams. Ouch. The dreamer almost decided to ban boys from dream world at that time, all but the one she had a crush on at the time, that is. Luckily it did not come to that.

At times the crushing and friction caused a fire to erupt though, and out of those fires like phoenixes the experienced dreamers emerged, forged in the fires of trial and error, lessons learned, they started to classify dreams and came up with rules to build the society of Dreamworld upon.  The dreamer saw that it was good.

Somehow out of all that DreamCorp emerged, or maybe it had been there all along, nobody knows for sure, in all that early lawless confusion, it was easy to hide a powerful organization, especially if that organization had the resources to cloak its presence and the vision of dream goals beyond those early dreamers understanding and notice. What is DreamCorp? What are its goals?Who is in charge of it? Is it truly as evil as most people surmise? Is it truly as powerful or is it just an illusion? Those are the million dollar questions, but nobody has that kind of money to spend on them outside of DreamCorp, certainly not the dreamer.

The dreamer pondered in her heart how DreamCorp could have sprung out of a DreamWorld that had clearly been good and well intentioned. She looked over her brain child as critically as she could, but her love for her creation prevented her from changing the single word that would have undone DreamCorp. Tempted by the power to unlock the truth, the dreamer accepted a job offer in DreamCorp's R&D division. Is she one of them now?