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Caradon's Most Strange Disturbing Or Memorable Dreams Archive
« on: November 25, 2019, 06:50:00 AM »
 I thought I would make a thread for a collection of my more strange disturbing or memorable dreams, lucid or not lucid. If and when I come across them in my old journals. Or if I have new ones I feel like putting here. I'm not sure yet how much time I'm going to put into reading through my old journals and collecting dreams. But I've been wanting to go through my old dreams for recalling them, and maybe some personal inspiration. Or just for the memories as well. I have a large chunk that are lost because of my old computer crashing and can't open. PJ had sent them to me to save to my computer. I do still have the computer, maybe I can get it fixed some day and retrieve those journals too.

Anyways last night I clicked on a random page in one of my old Journals and came across this bizarre dream from 2007. I thought it would be a good one to start with. I might slightly modify wording or punctuation of any old dreams. I'm still nowhere near perfect at grammar but I think I've improved somewhat since I first began online journaling.   

Originally Recorded On November/11/2007


I have been accused of a serious crime that I didn't commit. There is a complex story line about forensics and detectives collecting evidence trying to prove me guilty. Eventually I end up in some meeting before the trial is to take place. Many people are there. Some working for me, and others working to put me away.
I'm very stressed out and afraid. people start asking me tons of questions and trying to get me to confess. But  I'm to afraid to say anything at all. I'm afraid that the evil lawyers will take anything I say and twist it into an admission of guilt. So I just sit there freaking out saying nothing at all. They start trying to say that my silence is an admission of guilt.
 Fortunately I have a good group of people working for me, and they seem to think things will go my way. Donald Sutherland is one of the people working to prove me Innocent. I find this comforting. I think that he is a skilled lawyer. This entire part of the dream is very emotionally intense.
Now it's the next day and I'm in court. The trial is set to begin and I'm up at the witness stand about to be questioned. Only I'm standing not sitting. I start to get a really bad headache and my perspective shifts.
I'm now outside of my body and looking at myself. A portion of my skull has fallen away and I can see this strange growth. The growth is expanding from within my brain and beginning to squeeze outward. It has this weird jelly like appearance and is growing out of my head as I watch.
Suddenly half of my head explodes and my body falls to the floor and dies. There are people from the forensics lab rushing around and examining my body. Somebody uses a pencil to pick up a piece of the jelly like growth. It now looks like a round bubble.
I hear the guy say." Oh my god! It's some kind of egg sack!"
 The dream shifts and I'm in an examination laboratory. They have my body cut open all the way down the middle. And my body is in some tank filled with some kind of fluid. There are things growing outward from within my entire body. They are forming these really colorfully shoots within the tank. (not sure how to explain it exactly.) There are these thin multi colored shoots growing upward out of my body and filling the tank.
 I realize that whatever this stuff is, it's creating a new type of environment for a completely new life form. And that every human on the earth is going to die in the same manner that I just did. And in the process a new environment will be formed for a new species to populate the earth.

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Re: Caradon's Most Strange Disturbing Or Memorable Dreams Archive
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2019, 08:56:46 PM »
I found this one I decided I want to save here.

Originally Recorded October/15/2007

Death Race

A group of people and I, are in a race. The winner becomes a millionaire, and also gets to continue living. There's about six of us, and we start out in some metal chamber. There are rubber pegs on the floor that we have to stand on. Because the whole room is about to be electrically charged. Each one of us also has to carry these things that look kind of like an old persons walker. And they also become electrically charged with the floor. The first part of the race is to get through the room without being electrocuted. We have to step in just the right places, using the walkers for balance. But you have to hold the walker just right. Because if your grip slips just a little. you will touch the wrong spot and be electrocuted. Part of the rules of the race are that you also have to try and kill your opponents along the way, as well as avoiding the many death traps that have been set up. And we are all unwilling contestants that have been kidnapped and forced into this place.
 All of us make it through the room. We exit the room into a long corridor. I am the last one. We all now have weapons as well. Most of the others run ahead and disappear around a bend in the corridor. With the exception of one guy who stops and turns in my direction. I can tell that he sees me as the weakest of the pack. (And in truth that's how I'm feeling. And very frightened.) He is a fairly big guy, with a shaved head. He is carrying three huge blades. They are curved like fans. He has singled me out for the first kill. But somehow, I know that this guy was previously a friend of mine. I know him from before the race that I don't remember. He takes a step towards me and throws one of the blades. As it spins through the air it looks like a flying disk. I'm carrying a long handled Axe. It also has a wide curved blade. One side of the blade tapers to a point like a spike. I try to swing my axe to deflect the blade. but my timing is way off and I miss. But I'm able to dodge the blade, and it falls harmlessly to the floor. Twice more he throws his remaining blades. Both times I try to deflect them with my axe and miss. But I still avoid the blades.
 Now he is weaponless. I set down my axe and pick up one of the blades and throw it in his direction. It spins towards his head then tilts to the side and just misses him. "That was a bad ass throw!" I exclaim.  "Yeah it was." He replies. But I suddenly feel sick to my stomach. Realizing I just nearly decapitated my friend. I don't want to kill him at all. But I don't want to be killed either. I throw the other two blades but only half heartedly. And I miss both times.
He moves to retrieve the blades. Thinking I won't survive his next attack I pick up my axe and charge. I swing the axe in a sideways swiping motion that just grazes his arm and draws a little blood. The axe feels very awkward in my hands and I'm not wielding it very well. I swipe it across again. And again, my axe does not connect very well. I can't seem to get much power behind it. But he was knocked off balance a little. Before he can recover I try a different tactic. I swing the axe around in an uppercut motion, with the spike end forward. The spike catches him in the throat just beneath the chin, and the point explodes out the top of his skull. There is the sickening sound of tearing flesh, and blood is spraying. Both horrified, and in shock at what I've just done. I'm also glad I survived the attack. I wake up with a yuck feeling in my stomach.
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Re: Caradon's Most Strange Disturbing Or Memorable Dreams Archive
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2020, 07:21:06 AM »
I had a couple of intensely vivid memorable dreams the last couple nights that I want to note here.

The first one was a visit from my lost friend that felt really good. I was somewhat aware, as I both knew she was gone, but also didn't. I mean I was holding her and marveling at how real and solid she felt in my arms and the fact that she was here. Even though I wasn't really thinking about the fact she is actually gone. I know a part of me knew because of the way I felt holding her. And the way I felt when setting her down and watching her. As she followed me around and I was getting some water for her. I'm not sure how to explain how magical it felt. I woke from the dream with mixed feelings, both sad but also very happy and excited to have seen in her such a way, and so vividly. And the dream left me feeling highly motivated to focus on my dreaming.

And the second, fantastical dream last night that I woke up from.  Well I'm sort of on a WBTB right now.

The Dwarf

I'm having this fantastic and extremely vivid dream based on The Lord Of The Rings. I'm a part of the fellowship of the ring and we had just had the meeting and planning a journey across the land to some distant Elvin city.

I'm sitting with a Dwarf on the castle walls overlooking the most incredible and magical land while the others are preparing for the journey. I mention to the Dwarf that I can't believe I never really like this story much not really being much of a fan of the style of writing of the author.(But I loved the movies just not the written version.)

And in the dream, I feel as if the Dwarf and I are old, long time friends. And we are discussing how the others have no idea what is in store during this upcoming journey.

The Dwarf looks around and randomly says to me. " I can't believe we are actually here. Almost like we are in a dream." I think about it and look around. (I should have done an RC.) And I'm thinking about how vivid and powerful the scene is and how amazing as a dream, it feel so real. To the Dwarf I say. "I'm into lucid dreaming and I've seen you in lucid dreams before." To my surprise the Dwarf says. "Aye, I remember. And I remember you telling me that I should try to remember when we wake up." I was surprised by his response and I said "Yeah, I would have said that. "Maybe it was really you and not just a random dream character then." "Aye, he says. It was really me."

Then the Dwarf and I walk around the castle grounds as preparations are being made for the journey. And many Dwarves are outfitting for battle, loading crossbows and strapping them to their backs. Someone in charge is telling them that they shouldn't have loaded crossbows strapped to their backs. But the Dwarves want them loaded and ready to fire at a moments notice.

I woke with a just wow feeling, because the whole thing was so powerful and vivid in my mind. And the way the Dwarf mentioned he felt as if this could be a dream and was the one to bring up the subject of dreaming. Was a memorable experience even if I didn't take the cue and get lucid, duh.

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Re: Caradon's Most Strange Disturbing Or Memorable Dreams Archive
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2020, 02:24:02 AM »

I think I'll post this here as it was pretty wild. I'm not even sure I can describe it but I'll give it a shot, at least somewhat.

Something happened that caused a rift or dimensional gate to be ripped open in the sky. I looked up and saw these massive almost god like figures in the portal. Their appearance was not human at all. As I watch the portal opens wider and a sudden flood of something similar to what looks like molten lava comes pouring down out of the portal.

I realize the world is ending and I have this sense of the planet being turned inside out on itself. I duck my head down as the sky continues to rip open and this flood of stuff is rushing down. Fully believing I'm about to be obliterated as the world is ripping itself apart.

Instead of being obliterated I find myself suddenly floating in water, like a dark sea. And it's like the world is rebuilding itself around me. Massive structures of rock are rising up out of the dark sea. Like mountains rising and forming new land structures. I keep trying to swim away from these mountains as they continue to rise up out of the water all around me.

I continue to swim, and things calm down some. These small boats begin to appear. In the boats are these otherworldly looking beings. I manage to climb into one of these boats, the strange beings not seeming to mind.

The entire world now, is like some bizarre other dimensional place. I don't remember how, but I somehow end up on this platform. There is a series of platforms at different heights spaced at regular distance from each other. And I'm leaping from one platform to the next, with a very video game ish kind of feeling.

And I wake up suddenly, thinking whoa wtf was that. 

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