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Dream Journals / Re: My dream Journal
« Last post by Oneironautical1 on January 20, 2019, 02:05:52 PM »
This morning I woke up really early and had trouble falling back asleep.  I had a few good vivid fragments and lucids due to it though.

My recollection begins with me outside in a parking lot next to a small rectangular building.  I hear someone say "Well they said you guys were reliable so I guess we can get it going".  I turn around and there is a white cement wall behind me and behind that another building.  The building is a series of open garage ports, some filled with lumber and others filled with machinery and cars.  It looks like some sort of low rent car repair place next to a lumber vendor.  I don't know why but I decide to try to get on the roof of the small building next to me.  I crouch down and jump about 15 feet in the air landing on the roof.  This clues me in that I'm dreaming and I try jumping to a higher portion of the flat roof.  I wasn't able to jump as high and end up catching the edge with my hands and pulling myself up.  I decide to try something new since I'm lucid.  The first thing that comes to mind is Laser Vision.  I walk over to the edge of the roof and see a concrete pillar a couple feet away.  I open my eyes wide and imagine a beam of plasma shooting from my pupils.  In the center of my vision there is a small bright iridescent blue/green dot almost like a retina burn after looking at a light.  I move my gaze along the pillar in a winding almost figure eight pattern.  I can't really see behind the glowing dot so I blink a few times and look at it normally.  On the concrete pillar there is a long winding coin width line of melted and burned concrete.  Success!  I think of something else that I could try this on that would melt more readily so I could see it as it happened.  Suddenly I'm holding a styrofoam bust of a man.  I open my eyes wide again and concentrate my gaze and watch it bubble and melt away rapidly.  I lose recollection here.

I don't remember much of the over arching plot as my recollection skips around.  At one point I'm at my aunts house in Wisconsin washing bedding and clothes in the dishwasher.  I then remember being in a car driving up to my parents house and think to myself "I couldn't have driven 1000 miles back home in an instant".  This makes me realize I'm dreaming.  I walk up my parents drive way and walk into the 2 door garage.  The right half of the garage is clear as it always used to be with tons of clutter filling the left side.  I look at the pile of clutter covered with a large piece of astro-turf and have a feeling of sadness yet fond nostalgia.  I walk out the back door of the garage into the back yard.  It looks like it always did with the awning still there that is now torn down.  I look around at the different things in the yard a grill, hose and a large box covered in plastic.  I read the large writing on the box, "Your meat to heat box is prepped to ship.". Strange...  I think to myself, "Do copyright laws apply in dream life?"  This makes me chuckle.  I imagine all the goofy generic manufacturer names from movies.  I pick up a small box on the ground and it says "Bogland Products" written on the side. I lose recollection here.
Dream Journals /
« Last post by ketoultras on January 15, 2019, 01:29:21 AM »
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Dream Journals / Re: My dream Journal
« Last post by Oneironautical1 on January 12, 2019, 12:18:26 AM »
I only have a few short fragments of a dream that felt far more epic than my recollection can bring to word.

I remember something to do with making contact with alien life.  It was something to do with the moon and it being a sort of embassy for us and them to communicate. The next thing I recall is floating in a black void.  Within this void I remember encountering somewhat humanoid figures with antlers composed of scintillating multicolored light.  They were moving quite fast, just flying in an upright stance, legs down and arms open.  As they passed me they swept their arms from below upward and forward spewing from them trails of sharp sparkling multicolored light that fell like snow below them.  I knew they were the beings I was meant to contact but they were almost gone before I could gather myself to approach them.  I quickly tried communicating with them vocally and telepathically but no response.  I got no response but I could feel an encompassing loving intent pouring from them.  They carried on like cosmic crop dusters sprinkling love and novelty as if on a loop.

There was much more within this narrative and other dreams that I just can't remember.  It may sound strange but I got a strange charge from last night that made me feel more complete as a consciousness.  It feels like the oddly shaped hole in my thought patterns was patched with said odd shape.
General Dream Discussion and Experiences / 24x7 help desk services
« Last post by aaishuu on January 11, 2019, 06:40:40 AM »
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News, Events, and Inspiration / Freelance Marketplace for Telecom Engineers
« Last post by harika on January 10, 2019, 11:49:47 AM »
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News, Events, and Inspiration / Freelance Marketplace for PBX Technicians
« Last post by Karthik11k on January 10, 2019, 09:57:46 AM »
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Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors: Part II
« Last post by kineticwaves on January 09, 2019, 12:49:41 AM »
I walked into a room and saw Peter Capaldi and said "I don't know who you are, but I love you." Then the floors of the room became the walls, and I ended up walking on the walls, sort of like an MC Escher drawing.
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors: Part II
« Last post by kineticwaves on January 07, 2019, 02:04:16 AM »
First dream of this year is hilarious.

I was listening to random songs on my computer and there was a song with the lyrics "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and didn't have a fall" and I went in the kitchen and told my mom (irl my mom makes comments about Humpty Dumpty and I told her about the dream irl)

Dream Journals / Re: Book of Shadows
« Last post by Rebel Seven on January 06, 2019, 11:29:35 PM »
Sleep Time = 8h
Lucidity = 2/5
Encyclopedia: MindScape
“What is this wall?”
“It’s the edge of what you are.”

Notes: I think the boyfriend represents my older brother, in the early stages of a divorce and concerned with the future of his young daughters. This dream is heavy in visual metaphor, we travel into PB’s mind and everything exists as a metaphor for his mind, designed to obviously reflect his mind in a physical sense, first as a landscape, then as a cube. It is a shame I didn’t get to dive into my own mind in this way.
I am getting into bed in an attic that lets light in from a nearby street lamp. The room is nearly bare, a queen-sized bed, a mirror on the wall, a wardrobe, a nightstand. Everything is covered in a sound-muting layer of dust, even the bed I am climbing into. It is hard to breathe for a moment as a billion motes of dust take to the air. I carefully turn a pillow over to the clean side. I am feeling very pleased despite the dust. This is my own space.

My youngest brother and my mother enter the room through the only door, across from the mirror so caked in dust it reflects no light. They are concerned.
“I didn’t give you this house so that you could just stay in the attic.” My mother says.
“This is my favorite place.” I argue “It will be easy to get the dust cleaned up.”
“And dirty up the rest of the house while you’re at it??” my mother asks, incredulous. I look over the edge of the bed and see that the floor of the attic has gaps between the boards large enough to make out furniture in the room below. If I were to sweep the dust it would rain down.
“Fine.” I say, giving in. Secretly promising myself that when the I have finished/cleaning decorating the house to my taste, I will move back into the attic. I know that this large house has had a dozen or so tenets at a time and they moved in and out frequently. The maze of rooms are filled with old belongings, sometimes neat and tidy, sometimes horrifically dirty. I would put the entire house in order, and I looked forward to the work, but I knew I would come back here.

I am in a living room getting started clearing out any decorations that I didn’t like when a few visitors came by, I offered to let them stay a few days while I move through the house if they would clear the trash bags I filled up. Showing them around and trying to find rooms for them was confusing as the house seemed to change and doors lead to more doors.

I get feeling a bit claustrophobic and decide to leave the house for a while. My brother, sister, and mother seem to be waiting for me outside and I meet up with them. All together the building gives me the vibe of a brick home in Brooklyn. The stoop to the house is 4-5 feet off the ground, I hop down to the sidewalk. The house itself is levitating off its foundation, with chunks of cement and piping suspended between the underside and gouge it left in the earth. Parts of the walls are similarly disconnected and free floating. This is matter-of-fact to me and my family.

I can’t recall what we do together, but we meet up with my boyfriend, PB (ex iwl), and my sister leaves. The world is more technologically advanced than IWL. Cars hover, and floating T.V. screens bob down streets presenting ads to pedestrians. A man who serves us ice cream out of a stall has a compartment in his chest that blends milkshakes and his skin hangs loose around the forearm where a robotic hand protrudes.

We get back to my house and while trying to decide how best to get up on the stoop the four of us are attacked. Two men and a woman, all showing android appendages in disrepair, tattered clothing, dirty and seemingly feral, these androids seem to be leaking a clear viscous liquid, making their hair and skin look greasy and sallow. My brother gets my mom away into a nearby cafeteria. PB and I fight the things though I can’t recall exactly how it goes. I remember using a trashcan lid as a shield and the android female bashes it into nothing in one hit.

We are all in the cafeteria. The lights are all off, and the room is in a cool blue glow from the vending machine faces. There is a bank of them that wrap around two walls and they contain a supermarket, not just fresh produce to frozen snacks, but dishware, clothing, bike repair parts, toys, and phones. I scanned the machines astounded at the selection. Near the end of the line I see PB buy something and then hurry into a side room with a table and chairs. I go look. He has bought a mind remapping pack. There is a large selection, in order of how in-depth the program goes, from reframing a single encounter in your memory, to a fundamental reboot to how you see the world. Each one is forest green and stamped with the gold logo: MindScape. I can see that he chose a deep reprogram. 

“He is lost” My mother says in a hollow tone, watching me. “He is trying to find his way out. Any way.”

I feel dismayed. PB has been dealing with the death of his young daughter, and the grief is crushing him. I have been trying to help, but there is only so much another person can do. I love him deeply and his pain has been so hard to see. I can’t let him simply rewrite his daughter, put her away with electric fences forcing his mind away from her. I understand he needs relief, but he will destroy the only thing he has left of her, his memory.

I go into the room, he is sitting at the table there is a large green circuit board in front of him, the tips of his fingers are pressed into the edge nearest himself, his eyes are open and his body and face are tremoring randomly. I stand behind him and lift his right hand off the board, it sticks as I remove his hand from five sharp silver spikes, about a centimeter long, that were piercing his finger pads. I feel his arm shuddering and lay it in his lap carefully. I put my own hand over the five spikes and press in, feeling only a hint of a sting, but the feeling of an electric current jolts through my body, making all of my muscles seize, my joints feel like cold cement, my vision blurs and I can’t close my eyes. I feel a sickening rush of motion.

PB’s hand finds mine, and I focus on the feeling of his skin, the shape and warmth of his fingers. It swims into view, very dimly lit, I look up to his face and he is looking forward, expression utterly blank. I also look forward and see a floating island in darkness, mostly flat and lit up with no discernable source. The island floats lazily towards us and into our torso’s, there is no sensation where it bisects us. The terrain is varied, desert, mountains, lakes, forests, towns, but the majority of the map is covered in snow, the entire right side and through the center area. I see roads connecting areas of the map. I move my hands over the landscape and it scrolls under my hands, zooming in and out intuitively as I focus on different areas. If I look closely enough I can even see tiny people moving around. Areas of interest have a small blood red diamond floating above them and are labeled with floating white text, titled like chapters of a book. I know they represent important moments/places/people in PB’s life. In the far right under the shadow of a mountain is a circular pit, larger than the largest city. A black hole, and its diamond is labeled “Lost EB” (his daughters name). I look back to PB and he is laying back on my arm, his shirt is off and a similar red diamond floats above his heart. I can reach out and press a diamond which emits red light from within, and then press the one above his heart, both light up and then the one on the map dissipates. I see his face change expression as he processes information.

I understand that this map represents his mind, shattered into important pieces, and the order that I put them back into him represents how these things are associated in his brain. I plan carefully putting diamond after diamond back into his heart. I pad the bad things with associations of love and support and save the most love for the black pit. The “fence” I put around it are all memories of his daughter. Some bits fall into the pit, and I try and reach in and find them but I feel nothing. But I feel accomplished. The pit is still there, but his memories of her protect him from falling in.

During this I notice tattoos on PB that aren’t there IWL. One of them is the MindScape logo. A permanent imprint on his psyche for using their product, I guess. On the center of his chest is paragraph in cursive writing. It is titled “A Love Story:” and is ended with a bible verse (something that starts with a “P” like “Provinces 19:30”) I don’t read the paragraph, I already feel vaguely guilty for interfering this much and reading what is imprinted over his heart is just more than I can bear.

The dream shifts as I put the last diamond in order. He and I are now standing on the map, as a physical thing, we are giants compared to the world, the size of mountains, but we are free to move around it. He is dressed again and looks dreamily confused.
“What is this place?” he asks me.
“This is your landscape. It’s your mind, inside.” I try to explain.
“There is a lot of winter here.” He says, voice tight with emotion and it pains my heart.
“Seasons change.” I say it as a promise. He walks through the snow, striding over a small town and kneeling.
“What is this wall?” I look and see a snow covered stone wall stretching around the whole area. I realize that the “island” is no longer in a sea of black but integrated in a landscape, like a video game map edge, with miles of mountains and forest stretching away, there are other villages, windmills, and valleys.
“It’s the edge of what you are.” I tell him
He takes a few steps over the wall.
“No, you can’t go out there.” I tell him. “You don’t exist out there, you will get lost.” He turns to me and tears are falling down his face.
“It’s too cold here. I want a skating rink, something fun, I need to make the cold better. I need to make this place better.” He tries to move again, and I step over the wall to stop him. Before I can think of something to say black shadows appear on over a mountain range coming towards us. I know immediately what is happening.

Those rogue androids have caught up with us, they are in the room with our real bodies and they have accessed the MindScape machine, their programs are in our mind and if they kills us, or take over, then their program takes over our bodies, they become us. I don’t know if PB knows this, but he feels the urgency and we turn and run. The “exit” is where we first approached the map vaguely on the central edge, but we are on the far edge. I stumble over a mountain range and he catches me and keeps me on my feet enough to keep running. The androids look different here, matte grey and black metal with gold lights blinking, some are flying with iron-man like boosters, others are flying in hover cars that are built as solid machines without windows or doors. As they get close golden laser blasts fire at us, driving us to separate a but we weave back together and keep running. The lasers absorb harmlessly into the environment, but I think that just one shot is enough to destroy our “main programing” our souls.

We get to the edge of the map, once again appearing as an island in a sea of darkness. We jump without hesitation. Time feels like it slows down as I fall incrementally. The view shifts and I see one of the hover cars turn and fly straight down into the pit in the map. Time and space seems\ to warp (I think I nearly wake up).

I hear a voice, it is familiar, an older man (after waking I suspect it is the voice of an actor, but I can’t place who) It is explaining that the car has penetrated his deepest core. Existing simultaneously with him in his psyche. I feel the ground beneath me and realize I am on my elbows and knees in a doorless windowless dark room. The walls ceiling and floor are perfectly square and a smooth dark teflon material. The voice says that PB will be permanently hazy, confused, broken, he will live with bouts of extreme emotional outbursts, and will die early, unless an accident kills him even more quickly.
I stand and look around, and I see a cube floating in the room. It looks very similar to a borg cube from Star Trek. It is about a foot in all dimensions, and it seems to be trying to compact itself, expanding, readjusting, and trying to close, but unable to fit together right. I understand that this cube is PB’s mind, and the android car is the android’s program, it is in the core of PB’s cube, stopping the it from closing correctly. Two minds in one brain.

“It is in the core of his being, where real trouble can be done. There is no end to what it can do” Says the disembodied voice.

Frantically I begin to carefully break apart the cube. It is a complicated puzzle in layers. As I disconnect each layer it goes into an exploded view, pieces float in the room around me as I get deeper into the cube. I shift into a third person view seeing myself work on the cube down to the core. I pull the car out which is now the size of a toy in my hand. I feel relief, and then horror as I see myself smile, a look of victory, I hold the car in one hand and I hold the other hand up. The fingers split apart, so I have ten fingers on one hand and then split again into twenty fingers. I am an android.

Dexterously the tiny twenty fingers tear apart the car and the tiny humanoid android that was inside. It is all reordered, repurposed, reintegrated. The entire piece is organized into its own tiny cube in a matter of a few seconds. I replace the cube into the core. The layers of the puzzle collapse back down easily, forming a perfectly smooth complete cube. PB’s psyche is put back into order, his mind whole once more, but at its core was now a secret room, my program nestled expertly under his mind and undetectable.

The voice over and the third person view continues as the scene changes. I know that it is inside the hidden room. The android me inside PB’s mind.

She had finally accomplished what she should never have been able to. Says the voice over

I see my back as I walk through a sleek and modern industrial production line. Everything is white, silver, black, and with a splash of cherry red.

Something that could destroy the world in the wrong hands

I see myself walking up a ramp onto a central location, my view turns so I see my face and it is a milky white, my skin is gone and I see the plates of ceramic that move under the skin, imitating muscles. My hair reels into my head like fishing line into a golden strip haloed around the head. Similarly individual strands of cloth from my clothes reel back into tiny pores all over my android white body. My joints are black rubber and an inlaid gold webbing artfully laces around my limbs and torso.

One of their kind with unlimited potential to create more of their own, naked programs capable of integration.

I walk down the ramp as robotic arms move models of androids forward as I pass, similarly de-skinned and hanging loosely by the back of their necks. Then I pass sets of clear plexiglass display cases with “awake” androids in different states of skin coverage, they look eager and pleased to see me. I “remember” that I have been an android programmed to think I was human, I killed the organic me and replaced her. I know that PB’s daughter was actually assassinated to set up this very opportunity.

It is what humanity has always feared

The last plexiglass cage contains PB he looks vaguely confused. I know that this represents the small bit of his subconscious that I have to keep trapped, so that I can use this part of his mind for my own purposes.
“RS…why am I in here? He touches the plastic wall between us.”
“I’m sorry” I hear myself say and it actually sounds genuine. “I’m sorry it had to be you. This part of you has to stay here. I’ll take care of you,” She reaches forward touching the same part of the wall, their hands an inch apart. You’re going to help me change everything.” She tells him.

I wake up, feeling like I just finished a movie, it was exactly 9am.

Jumping Into the Mist / *Rising from the grave*
« Last post by Rebel Seven on January 06, 2019, 11:21:15 PM »
I am returning to Mortal Mist, trying to get back on top of my DJing, which needs some motivation! I want to find some old faces here, and some new ones would be nice.

I see that we have a bit of a bot/ad promotion problem. I wanna get this place cleaned up, back on it's feet, who do I gotta talk to?

See ya around Misters!
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