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Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors: Part II
« Last post by kineticwaves on July 12, 2018, 11:27:26 AM »
I was in the Ocarina of Time (Zelda) universe except it looked somewhat different. In Kokiri Forest (where Link wakes up in the beginning of the game), I was climbing up mountains and going through different parts of the game (that eventually led to other sections) and the mountains nearly reached the clouds. I eventually ended up in The Forest Temple which I believe was also different, but I can't pinpoint why. I feel like it was an ice palace or had forest-y stuff with ice. The same music played.

There was another part of my dream where I was wondering about a guy with a mental illness (that I used to go to school with a few years ago) who ended taking his own life. No, in real life he didn't (or at least I don't think he did).

And I dreamed about something else and honestly wish to forget about it - but at least I ended up dreaming about Zelda!
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors: Part II
« Last post by kineticwaves on July 02, 2018, 09:53:00 AM »
I literally had a dream about a tuna-shaped speaker... LED.  ::) O_O
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors: Part II
« Last post by kineticwaves on July 01, 2018, 11:21:18 PM »
First dream of the summer :

I was getting ready to go to school, and my sister had some plants that she wanted me to grow just by touching them (by touching them, more petals would spring up). So, I did that...frames later, I ended up going outside (it was really late out - night time) to wait for my bus (irl, I don't have a driver's license though I'm planning on getting it this summer). My mom was outside as well... I told her I had to go back in to get my wallet and stuff for food. I did that and also exchanged the shirt that I had on with a holographic dress. I went back outside and my mom was still there... the bus came... my mom and I went on the bus (not sure why my mom went to school with me). We stopped at a local gas station and I decided to get some food, although I didn't know what to eat. I don't know if I actually got anything to eat, but I left and went back on the bus...I noticed that we were finally driving through a level that you would see on Star Fox (the game), and asked why the bus driver was facing the passengers instead of the front while driving. He explained that it was a futuristic vehicle.... I assume there was a mirror that he could look through to see the front... anyways, I ended up at school... for Mr. M's class. The dream started fading a bit, but I feel like it was a labyrinth of sorts... and I was trying to do something mischievous. 

 :yesss: :ya:
Dream Journals / Quantum Mirrors: Part II
« Last post by kineticwaves on July 01, 2018, 11:16:50 PM »
AmbientDynamics here! I wasn't able to log into my other account, so I decided to do a continuation of the Dream Series or the Eternal Dream Sequence. O...O

To see Quantum Mirrors (Part I) go here --->
More notes for when I have time to update: Skyline Drive but walking, artificial lily pads, Eriq jumping in lake, me flying into trees, watching a movie about a woman giving birth and dying at her therapist's office, at Alice Glass' house hanging out w/ her, Britney Spears in two dreams in a row, mansion and hospital.
Had another dream about Apokolips and my story "Red Shift". Will update here when I have time. Also, notes for another dream I had: in Japanese, dream in Japanese, chef putting ice cubes on his head.
-So that dream about Steppenwolf, basically in the dream he was asking me over and over "Why do you care about?" and sounded like he was going to cry.
-I had the weirdest dream about me, Mike, and Apokolips. It was fucking weird. Mike and I were on Apokolips and we were in some office-like building and I was talking to Gilotina (one of the Female Furies whose in my story "Red Shift") and Mike apparently had some disease he contracted and I was trying to get Gilotina to give me a cure I could inject into him. She started laughing and said "I don't mind when you get feisty but don't let the boy act up" and after some convincing, she gave me a cure I could inject into Mike. So anyways, we get back to some house that looks like my old house from Florida, but on Apokolips, and I tell Mike to come inside and we both go inside, then the lights go dark and then they come on kind of dimly and I feel like something is wrong and Mike is just GONE. And I knew I needed to leave the house so I did. Then I have some weird thing where it's like I'm waking up but in my Eriq's room and at this part of the dream, I legit don't know who I am for a minute, then I wake up at 9:00 which is really early for me (everyone asked why I was up and I told them it was because of a weird dream that I woke up).
Had weird and somewhat sad-ish dream about Steppenwolf. I'll write it here later.
-I had a dream last night about Darkseid and Apokolips. So, there was a bunch of Earth people trapped on Apokolips and I have no idea what they were going to do to us, but my family was trapped inside a small house. Of course being me, I was looking for a way to escape. I found some kind of Apokoliptian weapon in a room but right as I was going to get it, Darkseid showed up and Omega Beamed that weapon. I jumped in front of the beams, trying to grab the weapon and got hit by the beams but somehow lived. My family was cowering in a corner and were too scared to do anything, so I kept looking around the house. I found a closet and looked down at a small vent, removing the opening. I realized it was too small for any humans to fit into though and discarded it. Then I looked up and saw an entrance to an attic. So I opened it up and there was a window in the attic. I opened the latches to the window, vowed I would come get my family, and flew away. I flew over a cluster of buildings for awhile until I landed by some restaurant. The people in there were of a higher caste, being mainly Female Furies. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a female too or because I'm very small and completely harmless, but when I came in, the Furies in the restaurant were willing to hide me when some Parademons came in looking for me and "other humans that has escaped". I was hiding under a long table and positioning the Furies legs so no one could see me (the Furies let me do this) and then I woke up.
The Wall - Art Gallery / Re: If Souls Can Sleep
« Last post by DavidMichaelWilliams on May 22, 2018, 05:42:34 PM »
Hope you like what you've read, johnb.

I'm fascinated by lucid dreaming, though I've only experienced it a handful of times in my life. Most of my dreams tend to be very detailed (i.e. vivid); that, combined with my interest in psychology and neuroscience, served as the impetus for the series. (The second book is coming out in early October.)

I also like throwing ordinary people into extraordinary circumstances. :)
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