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-I was watching Lisa from "The Simpsons" on TV. She had on a blue scarf that was making her "feel weird". There was a shot of her walking in and out of frame repeatedly, trying to figure out what was wrong. She was taking off everything but the scarf. Eventually she turned into a blue haired anime girl. Anime-Lisa was then showed opening the front door to the Simpsons household. A bunch of small creatures that looked like sperm with anime faces swarmed her and melted into her skin. There was a shot of Anime-Lisa screaming. (This looked weird, her mouth looked so strange. Not even human and very exaggerated. And it was melding with her chin. Hard to explain.) Then Anime-Lisa was regular Lisa again.

This is one of the weirdest dreams I've ever had. When I told them, my brother and dad were like WTF!? Idk, guys.
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors: Part II
« Last post by kineticwaves on November 17, 2018, 03:03:48 PM »
I was at school and the bus was going to come soon. I decided to go to the hidden stash and pick out some stuff for free. There was a myriad of fun stuff. Chocolate ice cream, Pringles, some music CDs (I was eyeing the 80s Madonna ones and the one with fairy songs), a Zelda comic, and other stuff that I'll put out here if I remember. I came out of the hidden stash and back to the main room where I wait for my ride to come. There was a lady sitting on one of the seats and she told me that I might have missed it. I kept looking. It didn't come. Suddenly things started looking different. I saw somebody I knew in real life and asked her. I was waiting for a long time and nothing. Something about my sister... she called different places to ask. Eventually the bus came and I was eating my chocolate ice cream, but I had to sit behind the bus driver and there was a tabletop for me to eat my chocolate ice cream.. lol
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors: Part II
« Last post by kineticwaves on November 16, 2018, 03:10:57 PM »
I was hanging out with my family members in Chicago. Everything looked different though. Three of my family members were sleeping outside and eventually one of them started looking ancient and had crispy skin with an almost offbeat silver tint and exaggerated wrinkles. He looked alien and resembled one of the monsters from Doctor Who.

It was getting really late, and I walked outside and saw a golden lozenge-like thing in the sky. It was in the wee twilight hours. I shouted to some family members 'it looks like fucking utopia", and I compared the image to a door that I would walk through and enter other realms (the astral plane maybe). In fact, even though it was a lozenge-like thing, it did vaguely resemble a door. It was really surreal to me, but then the image glazing the sky shattered within just a few seconds, and it was very dark until a single strike of lightning appeared. I said that it was cool too even though it was bleak, and my grandma said it was creepy to which I replied "the transition was cool." Then I walked inside.

There was a room with lots of food on the table, but even though it was my family members, I had to pay for it. I got chillie (I think, not sure) and my mom wanted some, but there wasn't any money left. I went outside and asked my grandma if my mom could have some for free, and she said yes.
Recycle Bin / Re: Google sitemap generator
« Last post by Bowlbyi77 on November 16, 2018, 07:36:49 AM »
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Reminder to self to write down "Lisa/anime girl" dream.
The Wall - Art Gallery / Re: Nothingness/Everything
« Last post by kineticwaves on November 14, 2018, 01:50:06 PM »
Looks like a fractal + photograph hybrid to me. It would make an awesome CD cover.
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors: Part II
« Last post by kineticwaves on November 14, 2018, 01:37:22 PM »
I was in a room and I saw one of my classmates from last year. She said she was going to text me something, but I kind of knew that what she was going to send had something to do with Egypt, most likely the Egyptian pantheon. Frames passed and I ended up in a pasture and saw a red barn. I ran up a hill and start hearing a Yeah Yeah Yeahs (one of my favorite bands in real life) song. Then I was in a luscious forest-y place in the UK with a house dabbed in the middle of it. I knew that I wanted to stay there. The girl that was in that room was now identified as one of my sister's online friends and she and my brother (who seemed the same yet different) started communicating. The dream started becoming vague, but my sister's friend went to the grocery store. Something happened but I wanted to stay. I started thinking about past lives and saw myself as exploring the rest of the Earth while thinking about my future selves on other planes of existence. I had a glimpse of my brother sitting on a chair, and he looked like the same salesman that he was in real life, but I think he was in his 40s...
Will update soon with new dreams. Luckily I talked to my boyfriend about them!
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors: Part II
« Last post by kineticwaves on November 11, 2018, 01:55:59 PM »
One of my teachers had a pet snake and I was in a room with it. It was in the nearby room and then it ended up being attached to me, even though I was unsure of what to feel about it. I started noodling around with some melodies and the Ladytron singer Helen Marnie came into the picture. The melodies that I played were demonstrated as filmstrips. It was kinda abstract, but she told me that I should have some of the filmstrips detached from each other. So I kinda tried tinkering with the melodies again and then the song ended up being much longer. I'm pretty sure that the Ladytron singer approved, though. Something about my adviser at school...

Something about getting a job and there were these coins that I collected which ended up being money. idk
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors: Part II
« Last post by kineticwaves on November 11, 2018, 01:49:15 PM »
I looked out the living room window and there was a futuristic construction on the driveway... basically a 3-dimensional hexagonal-like piece that looked as if it could have been apart of an installation art piece.......this dream was from a month ago, but I remembered it enough to post it. I've been really busy lately and <down with the sinuses> but my dream journal is gonna go back to what it was.
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