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Dream Journals / Re: MeltingCORE's Dream Pyramid/Emily's Horizon (Dreamscape Act II)
« Last post by MeltingCORE on September 19, 2018, 02:16:26 PM »
-Eriq and I were in Egypt. Eriq was having trouble taking a picture of the pyramids for his facebook. The pyramids started to look hazy.
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Jumping Into the Mist / Revitalize Serum Now let's talk about
« Last post by aqsanew on September 16, 2018, 03:10:12 AM »
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Dream Journals / Re: My dream Journal
« Last post by Oneironautical1 on September 13, 2018, 03:26:22 AM »
Hello fellow denizens of the mist.  Back after a while after having a very vivid dream that really took me for a ride for the first time in a long time.  I need to get back into the practice.  I have had many instances of interesting dreams but have lacked the initiative to post.  I will try to piece this together as coherently as possible but as you know things can get weird.

I first have recollection of being in a video game like world similar to Mine Craft.  Everything is built of very simplistic textured blocks.  I am with a group of people I am familiar with IDL but don't recognize now IWL.  We are in a setting very similar to Mine Craft being an open hill covered area with grassy hills and brown dirt.  I have a deep frantic feeling that I need to find or do a certain thing.  I then remember we are fleeing a certain enemy.  The best description from the amalgamation of memories is a swarm of dark purple/black clouds.  I am with the group of people and then I remember seeing a swarm of these creatures almost like the Langoliers from the Steven King title descend upon us.  We scurry into a nearby cave and find again a Mine Craft-esque network of caves lit with torches.

We quickly move from cavern to cavern and arrive at one that has still the blocky geometric video game look.  Here there are multiple sets of almost computer console type chairs and interfaces but they aren't like a mouse and keyboard.  We just sit and reach out to a pair of crystalline horizontal handles perpendicular to the floor and move them to navigate the floating screen in front.  I look at the screen and see myself, not in the blocky video game form like my environment but a fully realistic version of myself.  This makes me realize something isn't right.  The thought comes to mind that I have "phased out" of my reality into another and need to find my way back.  I look at the screen in front of me and realize I need to get out of here and the only way is with this device.

I take the handles and tilt them left to right and vise versa to see different panels pass in front of me.  These panels all have a different camera view of me, as my realistic self, sitting where I am but from different angles.  I think to myself "Ok so everything here is like like legos maybe I need to just keep flipping through until I find the lego version of me to swap places with to get back to reality.  I do this a couple times on one "console" and move on to another, and another.  All this time I have this panic that these Langolier like creatures are going to destroy us all in this reality.

I next remember having a view of these creatures being able to summon lightning and destroying the environment around them.  My view of them shows them to continue to mass into a larger and larger swarm.  They are destroying the environment around them as they seem to be getting closer and closer to us. 

This gets very abstract from here but from what I can piece together this is what follows.

The group I am with is joined by many other people and strange creatures all fleeing these Langoliers.  We find our selves at an impasse where none of us can proceed.  We have all come to one central place and have no where to go.  Next I remember there is someone speaking of a witch that can send people home.  The catch is she can only take a few people and then makes them compete for the place to be sent home.  I have another feeling of dread as I see the array of supernatural and extraordinary creatures surrounding me.  It turns out she only takes teams that only one of that team will be chosen.  We are in front a large tube like slide and the people to move on as a team are to jump down the tube.  I remember trying to tell a forth person/creature to try to follow us as the door opened to try to game the system but they were blocked and unable to continue.

The narrative and memory continues to devolve from here.

However i remember a sort of combative competition to eliminate the other competitors from each team.  I remember passing but waiting for the other passing people from the other teams when the "reality" started to break down.  I can't remember if the "Langoliers" were closing in or what was causing a panic.  The other "Passed" entrants ran toward a large square shaped well about 3 feet high.  As I got closer I saw the interior of the well was a mist like white.  I had a thought "This has to be the way back to reality" As I jumped in I immediately thought "Don't worry about the feeling of falling, you're just coming back to your body".  I then found myself in bed eyes closed and fully still yet quite awake.
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors: Part II
« Last post by kineticwaves on September 05, 2018, 01:29:05 PM »
I dreamed that I was 27 years old but thought that I was 29 years old.... I was done with community college but was going to 4 year university and was upset because I thought that I would be done at 35 years old. Why I thought that, I had no idea...

My sister was leaving the house and she gave me some Tortia chips. After she was gone there were some Minecraft-designed leggings (not really leggings, though) and a dress with some stars on the top.

I also had the idea in this dream that if I didn't get better at writing music that I would regret it. In real life, I actually want to take a couple of classes at university for music composition if I can even though my major is gonna be in visual communications....
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors: Part II
« Last post by kineticwaves on September 05, 2018, 01:19:15 PM »
My sister auditioned for American Idol and I was cheering her on....
General Dream Discussion and Experiences / vital progenix CreateSpace Community
« Last post by sahilbee on September 03, 2018, 01:42:50 AM »
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General Dream Discussion and Experiences / Keto Fuel: How To Use The Ketogenic Diet
« Last post by hirarao888 on September 02, 2018, 01:49:27 AM »
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Jumping Into the Mist / Mcdodo Cables in Pakistan LED Light Indicator
« Last post by breezaza on September 01, 2018, 01:23:04 AM »
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Jumping Into the Mist / Mcdodo Cables in Pakistan LED Light Indicator
« Last post by breezaza on September 01, 2018, 01:22:21 AM »
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