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-I went to Sammi's house and my parents met her mom and became friends. Then they let me stay at Sammi's house overnight and her mom hugged my parents before they all left to go somewhere together. I forgot my laptop but Sammi and I played that game where you pretend the floor is lava and thus, we weren't bored. (Her house was like a mansion in the dream. Very open and big.)
-I was swimming in a pool that was contained inside a glass box in the sky. Everything was very bright and blue.
Dreams I recorded when MM was down...

-Last night I dreamnt about a tsunami destroying the world and I was trying to get higher, to safety. I finally got to a rope bridge up in the sky and then got hit by water, but I clung to the bridge and was safe.
-I had an eldritch dream last night. I was in an apartment complex that was futuristic and a gaudy white. It was shaped like a U. Across the horizon was a thunderhead, but it was thousands of miles long and approaching like a strange sort of wave. I was then being ushered into a bus with some other young adults my age as the wind begin to pick up. The approach of this white cloud of death seemed so odd to me - like a puff of cotton candy enveloping the city. Next thing I know, we’re inside this storm and everything is lung red. Red mist swirls around us and the bus is trying to travel across a body of water. I look up and see a plane ascend into the mist. The shadow of a gigantic tentacle is seen for a split second and then an explosion. Some sort of eldritch creature emerges from the water with too many teeth and eyes. I jump off the bus into the water…

(I bet I had this dream because I was thinking about Saya so much last night. Maybe having H.P. Lovecraft’s “Eldritch Tales” beside my bed doesn’t help either.)
I don't remember my dreams last night, but I do remember that I kept thinking there were spiders in my blanket as I fell asleep.
-I was talking to the man who owned DC (I don't think he was really the owner of DC irl). I wanted to register my version of Action Comics No#1 with him (the first appearance of Superman). In the dream, it was issue #5 though but this was correct? I could hear my voice echoing on the phone as I talked about getting the volume for a cheap price which is amazing considering it goes for thousands of dollars irl. I then put Eriq on the phone and he knew the guy because he had "interned" for him. The guy said Eriq was "his best intern"... ...I was talking to someone about my high school days with Ed, Edd, and Eddy (???) and then I said I had to go and ran down to a beach where comic book enemies of some sort were coming in waves. I looked down and was wearing a bathing suit and a brown beetle was stuck to it. Sammi was there and I told her to get the beetle off of me but she was scared of it. I pinched the beetle off and it bit me. I threw it into the water and flew upwards. Superman was with me now and we entered a strange glass building that people were acting weird in. I wondered why but then I noticed we were in a long glass corridor that seemed to go on for infinity. I felt dizzy and entered another corridor with Superman but this one had pink carpet and wallpaper and was rapidly undulating which was scary... ...I was in my grandparents home (not their home irl) and searching through an old toy chest of mine and Eriq's. I found a vaporwave looking novel with Japanese and English text. I kept it. Behind me now was rows of boxes with comics in them. At the end, my grandparents home was cleaned up now and looked fresh... ...I was in a gymnasium about to start a race. Everyone was an anime character...
-I was watching an anime movie and heard someone behind me say "they'll face a level 19 scary-factor monster" and then a green, tentacled monster appeared on screen...
-I was dreaming about Cinderella but she looked like a real person. She was in her castle and her prince was killed and a snake came out of his mouth. Cinderella let herself get bit by the snake and began to transform back into a cartoon character, but the way it was happening was one part of her body would bloat up real big and then go back to cartoon form. She began shrinking and her animal helpers (the mice and shit) began to become cartoons again too, along with the surroundings. And then they ended up by a mouse hole and Cinderella was the same size as the mice helpers. There was a purple cat sitting in the mouse hole and it kept shrinking and said “guess I have to disappear” and Cinderella became distraught looking for the cat, but it shrunk so much it went away and the more mice helpers came outta the mouse hole and for some reason the Japanese icon Totoro…

For some reason, watching the cat shrink into the mouse hole felt like infinity. Random things seem to feel like infinity to me, like the Clannad soundtrack.

-My mom was acting like everything was The Sims (she likes the game too irl) and she was acting like a robot. She started yelling at me and Eriq and then said she was "told to by the owner of the game" (ie they chose the option to make a sim yell at another sim). So, to get my mom to act normal and react normally, Eriq and I started throwing food everywhere. Mom said "you'll have to clean the curtains" like that was the only response she could give. Also, we were living in a fancier townhouse and Lia started crying. Then Eriq and I flew outta the townhouse and there was another layer of townhouses above ours, so we flew to that but inside was dark and creepy and I had the feeling it was like a horror movie. I saw some kids but I thought they were ghosts and then one hallway morphed into a creepy hospital and then walking down the staircase was a man but I felt like if he turned around, he'd have a melting face. Then I was fighting some ghosts with a jewelry thief and then we were in a jewelry store and I started to wake up, thought I heard my mom say "I'm trying to sleep" even though she wouldn't be in my room for any reason then fully woke up.
The Den / Re: 2016 Rolecall
« Last post by Cambodia on July 13, 2017, 01:27:37 PM »
I suppose this is really more the 2017 role call now isn't it?

Anyway, howdy all!  It's been a long time.  I randomly came back and saw the Discord link and I was ready to say hi to everyone again.  A lot's happened.  But this isn't the place to dump a bunch of info, I just wanted to say hi.  I don't think I'll be super active on the forum, but if you want to chat, I'll probably be in the Discord chat a lot!
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors
« Last post by Ambient_Dynamics on July 13, 2017, 12:33:10 AM »
Sweetest part of the dream: I hugged a monkey for several minutes, and it was adorable. I also hugged some panda bears! ^__^

Creepy part of the dream (or was it another dream): I was at school and one of the janitors saw me and said that he admired me. It was really creepy, like I imagined him to be some kind of pedo. The school morphed into some other kind of building. I tried to avoid him at all costs, and I even had to go other routes to avoid him. I even ended up outside climbing up a house to go into the jungle. I know that's random, but yeah.
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