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-Woke up last night twice because I dreamed robots were chasing me lol.
I was now living in Saudi Arabia in a mega-complex that housed an entire city. Since it was Saudi Arabia, I now had to wear a hijab but I didn't have a proper one, and thus had to create a makeshift hijab. I felt self-conscious about this - because it felt like I was disrespecting the country. As I walked through the halls of the mega-complex, I tried to avoid eye contact with other girls (who were wearing real hijabs). I felt a sense of danger as I walked into a vaporwave (ie neon) looking pool and gym area. This area was encircled around an opening in the floor which went through all the levels of the mega-complex and terminated in a simple fountain on the ground floor. The feeling of an evil presence became stronger. My mom was there and I told her to go to the corner of the corridor we just came out of and to stay there. To distract the evil entity, I for some reason threw myself down several stories into the fountain on ground level. I blacked out for a few minutes in the dream but could feel people healing me. When I came to, I was faced with some sort of eldritch creature. I phased out of the walls of the mega-complex and found that we were floating in a void. (I went outside of the complex because the creature couldn't detect me outside.) I came back in and somehow quickly defeated it. The creature was now represented as a bucket of maggots that were as hot as lava (yet somehow contained in the bucket) and an old sponge. I somehow knew the old sponge was the last of this hideous, evil creature's soul and slowly tore it apart and let it melt in the lava-maggot bucket.  The dream ended with a shot of my mom and dad in the corner of the beginning corridor, surrounded by a protective barrier I created at one point.
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors
« Last post by Ambient_Dynamics on January 03, 2018, 05:23:54 PM »
Dream snippet: actually about pizza rolls.

I don't remember much except that I was in a store with a group of people and we were gonna get pizza rolls... however, they wanted pizza puffs which, in the dream, were different. [in real life, they're the same thing if you don't know]

Also, there were a whole bunch of pieces of jewelry and there were cards (or parts of magazines) and I wanted the Egyptian one.
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors
« Last post by Ambient_Dynamics on December 30, 2017, 03:48:40 AM »
I was in the 2D art room and it had a bunch of Halloween designs hanging around. There was also a sign that said 'I don't have any cats' when I had several. I even had some of my art stuff hanging about... mainly drawings... I walked out of it and saw my speech teacher in another room. Something about her leading the people in her class to another room. And I followed them into that room but I don't know what happened.

Later, I ended up in the cafeteria and saw somebody that I thought would be cool to sit with and then her other friend came by as well. She was wearing golden Egypt-esque clothes. I complimented her. I then went to get some food in the cafeteria which was unconventional - such as rice crispy with lettuce and tuna put together - was back in the art room.

I then ended up in another frame of the dream where I was sitting on the porch waiting for a ride to school. My mom was there and I wanted to walk to the driveway to go to the bus but she told me it was too early. So I went inside and got more of my shizz together. I walked outside again, saw the ride, and there were a whole bunch of books for sale. They had doggies in them and the designs were holographic from what I can remember.
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors
« Last post by Ambient_Dynamics on December 30, 2017, 02:38:01 AM »
Was receiving kisses from a black dog. I found out (outside of this dream) that my sister was with a black poodle.
Dream Journals / Re: Quantum Mirrors
« Last post by Ambient_Dynamics on December 30, 2017, 02:13:02 AM »
I was in a computer lab at school, and I saw bioluminescent trees on a screen. Somehow the bioluminescent trees sprung up thoughts about a test lab experiment on humans. I told somebody in the class that the test lab experiment is cruel and she said it's not cruel - a lot of good can come from it. Later in the dream, my sister was going to be part of the lab experiment and was terrified. Then I was a part of it and ended up inside of a building with groups of people being used as test lab experiments. I was in a group and we had to compete with other groups and people from my school... We basically answered questions and ended up lucky that we won and didn't have to be killed and a few seconds later we ended up escaping from that whole building.
WILD / Re: Malacs Fast Grab
« Last post by Komikubo45 on December 09, 2017, 01:19:24 PM »
Hi Heidiho,

I also read about this technique in a German Blog /

Thanks for the link my friend. actually I am living in Austria so German is no problem :). I think the text on the blog descibes the technique very well, but this guy also had not much success with it.

However thanks again!

WILD / Re: Malacs Fast Grab
« Last post by Heidiho775 on December 07, 2017, 04:50:38 PM »
Hi Komikubo45,

I also read about this technique in a German Blog / I already tried it but I had no success. I think its very diffucult to fall in a lucid dream in about 10 sec.

I always get to the point where you try to get as heavy as possible to "fall" through your bed. But then my "journey" stops. I awake and thats it. Just not the right technique for me.

WILD / Re: Malacs Fast Grab
« Last post by The Littlest Leaf Dragon on November 11, 2017, 06:20:41 PM »
My father uses a technique that is kinda similar to this.  Based on how my father describes it and my (failed) experiments, it seems that the faster you fall asleep and go into dreams, the better this sort of technique will work.

That having been said, the fact that this is supposed to be done after almost a full night of sleep (and during rem) does lend credibility to this technique.  (Because you should be able to fall asleep quickly.)  It might be particularly effective if you do it like you would do a DEILD.  (Though the author seems to say you don't have to and that you can get up and use the bathroom or whatever.)

I definitely think it'll work for some people, and I'm going to have to start trying it when I wake up in the middle of the night.  Thanks for posting it!

Edit - I tried it last night, and I did have some success with it.
News, Events, and Inspiration / Re: Effect on brain of flashing lights
« Last post by Komikubo45 on November 06, 2017, 10:01:56 AM »
I dont think so. I think this would keep you awake instead of introducing lucidity :)
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